Viola Ring

$ 2,300

Shakespeare’s cross-dressing heroine in Twelfth Night masters the art of self-control in the pursuit of her romance. Though contradictory, Viola hides her true self in the guise of revealing her deepest and darkest sentiments.


Handcrafted from 18 kt yellow gold with engraved vintage typography, this marguerite ring has a spinning mechanism and is set with a vvs white diamond center and an amethyst heart.

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Product Details

18 kt yellow gold
1 ct heart-shaped amethyst
0.08 ct white diamond
Spinning mechanism
Dimensions 24 x 21 x 20 mm
Weight : 7.74 g


All of our creations are made with 18 kt gold and precious gemstones. In order to keep their shine and quality last forever, store them away from direct sunlight and keep your jewels away from alcohol, perfume & chlorine.

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