Ancient Egyptian amulets had magical powers and bestowed infinite rebirth.

The Italian Renaissance marked the rebirth of the Ancient Greek and Roman worlds, as well as the hermetic revival of mysticism.
Spin me.
Read me.
Flip me.


Romanticism fashioned the Victorian Era in its appreciation of nature and emotions.
Jewellery had sentimental value and carried intimate, secret messages.
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Rêve d' Amour

Ancient Greek myths were steered by fate, or morai.
A seafarer's fate was in the hands of Poseidon and the Nereid sea nymphs, who tempered or stirred the currents.
Journeys can perpetually sway.
Still the Oracle of Delphi foretells destiny.
Spin me.

Neo expresses a desire to begin anew. With rebirth comes the necessity for a cyclical end. This is when resurrection occurs. This collection is symbollically adorned with octagons, lotus flowers and roses as an ode to new cycles.

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