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In the Tarocchi deck, the Torre is the The Tower card. It calls for letting go of control, in order to allow for conscious awareness and freedom from illusions. On the other hand, the Forza is The Strength card symbolized by two pairs of hands softly opening a lion’s jaw. It calls for gentle mastery and control by virtue of one’s inner strength.

18 kt gold coin shaped vertically spinning disc with embossed illustrations, and vvs white diamonds in gyspy setting.

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Product Details

18 kt yellow gold
0.03 ct white diamonds
Horizontal spinning mechanism
Dimensions: 24 x 25 x 1 mm, Weight: 4g


All of our creations are made with 18kts gold and precious gemstones. In order to keep their shine and quality last forever, store them away from direct sunlight and keep your jewels away from alcohol, perfume & chlorine.

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